1. Choose your date from our schedules. 2. Securely order with Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, Discover or PayPal. 3. Tickets hand-delivered to your hotel or other Japan address. (You may order without yet having your address. We'll follow up for that.)  

We're delighted to offer personal service for tickets here at JapanBallTickets.com.

I’m often asked about getting tickets in Japan. In the past I've suggested:

"Just show up. You'll get a seat."

This was particularly hopeful advice given the popularity of baseball and sumo, the habit of Japanese to purchase tickets far in advance, and often sold out dates. Sometimes even when I was certain a game wouldn't be sold out, it turned out to be. I looked like an idiot.

"Try the advance sale ticket outlets."

I suggested advance-sale outlets only to find so many people thwarted by failure to find an outlet, the language barrier, payment hassles, and sold out events because their travel dates didn't allow them to be in Japan early enough to get tickets.

"Maybe you could try something online."

Japanese online services are often unable to accept out-of-country credit cards and/or have a need for a Japanese address and phone to go with the credit card, with the latest issue being instances of online counterfeit ticket printing or computer printed barcodes not accepted as valid for entry.

Do What I Do

I finally woke up to suggest doing what I do, along with team scouts, Major League Baseball personnel and many travel agents. Have Michael Westbay in Japan get your tickets for you. Michael, a California native, has lived in Japan with his family for over 20 years.  

You pay exactly what we do - a modest tip for his efforts in getting your tickets and having them securely delivered to you. This tip is more than offset by your travel time and money saved, hassle avoided, and peace of mind.

Michael is your personal Ticket Concierge while you're in Japan. You'll have all his contact information. He's a terrific resource to have standing by and he's given assistance on many topics to our JapanBall ticket holders.

Guaranteed Price and Ticket Delivery

Michael literally stands in your place in the ticket line.  You never pay more than what you yourself would pay for such tickets using a credit card. 

We charge you only enough per ticket to take into account the currency exchange rate, credit card use, and ticketing fee, if any, for that particular venue.  The same costs you would face.

At times there are price promotions that we uncover, and we'll refund the savings to you.

Tickets are delivered to your hotel or any other address in Japan.  Guaranteed.  

Except we cannot guarantee delivery to Airbnb or similar short-term rentals, but we have solutions that have worked 100% of the time.
CLICK HERE for details.

We don't send tickets outside Japan. We prefer to keep your tickets in our local hands at all times.  We've never, not once, failed to have tickets delivered as promised.

Unless you ask otherwise when you order, we will target delivery to the check-in date of the first place you stay, preferably at least two days before your first event.

Ticket envelopes are never left without a signature.  All hotel front desks will sign for your ticket envelope and hold it for your arrival.

Feel free to order now without yet having your hotel or delivery address.  Don't worry, we'll remind you.

We figure you want to attend the event, so if your chosen price range is sold out we'll get the next lower available price range and refund the balance, unless you instruct us otherwise during the order process. 

If there's a rainout we'll help you get a ticket refund.

All tickets are delivered at the same time on orders that contain more than one event, stadium or arena. 

Your Seat Location

You'll have reserved seats together as close to home plate (or center arena in the case of sumo) and as close to an aisle as we can get in your price range as are available when you order. 

You can read more about the particular seating locations in the baseball and sumo ticket sections of this site.

Ordering Hints, Youth/Senior Prices and Post-Season Play

The earlier you order, the more seats available from which we can choose.  Tickets generally go on sale about eight to ten weeks out from an event, except for some baseball teams that have all games available for sale starting in March.

We require at least four days lead time to complete your order and have your tickets safely delivered.

Sold out games and sumo are listed on the schedule pages.  (To be clear: Sold out means there are no tickets available.  Do not order for such sold out dates.)

Everyone must have a ticket, though babes in arms and toddlers have been allowed in without tickets to sit on an adult lap at the discretion of the ticket taker.  

Teams have no youth/senior prices on advanced sale reserved seats, such as we buy.  We don't offer non-reserved seats since those are sold only on game day, and in very limited numbers. 

Seats in the baseball outfield organized cheer sections are available only to cheer group members.

We don't do tickets to post-season play because of the limited lead time once teams become known and almost immediate sellouts. 

One Order Fee

All orders include $59 per order for Ticket Purchase Fee, Concierge Service and Hand-Delivery.

That's $59 per total order - not per ticket or per event.  This $59 takes care of all costs in getting your tickets and securely delivering them to you in Japan.

Bottom line is this: You never pay more per ticket than you yourself would pay at a ticket outlet using a credit card. 

We buy tickets for you under the usual conditions you'd expect:  Once purchased they allow no refunds or exchanges.

Our online service is designed for the casual traveler purchasing a few tickets.  Are you doing either one of the following?

--- Planning to attend more than FOUR EVENTS (baseball games and/or sumo matches)
--- Purchasing more than TEN TICKETS to any one event

If so, please
CLICK HERE for more details about these larger orders.

Questions?  Ask Your Ticket Concierge

Michael Westbay will personally handle procuring your tickets and being sure they arrive securely to your hotel or other Japan address you give us.

Michael is expert at baseball and sumo ticketing and he's happy to answer any questions you may have about ordering.

Give a look to the pages listed in the menu to the upper left. We work hard to be sure that our answers to most every question is included in those pages. 

Feel free to email or phone Michael or me using the contact information below.

Many thanks.


Bob Bavasi




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JapanBall - Japan Office
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Phone: (From inside Japan) 090-8003-3630 (From 9am to 5pm daily - Japan Time)
Phone: (From outside Japan) 90-8003-3630 (From 9am to 5pm daily - Japan Time)

(How to phone from country to country.)