Are you doing either of the following?

--- Planning to attend more than FOUR EVENTS (baseball games and/or sumo matches)

--- Purchasing more than TEN TICKETS to any one event

If so, please note that we charge an additional $50 for the additional time and coordination needed to complete such an order.

When placing your order you'll see the Add to Cart button for this added $50 at the bottom of the baseball order page, on the sumo order page, and right here below.

Click this Add to Cart button only once per order...and only if you have more that FOUR EVENTS or more than TEN TICKETS to any one event.

Questions? Please CONTACT US.

If you're ready to start you order now, you can do so by clicking the Add to Cart button below.

dollar_sign.jpeg Group / Multi-game Fee $50.00

Groups over Ten / Games over Four