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The Tokyo area has five teams highlighted in blue below. The Kyoto area has three teams highlighted in tan. For tips on stadiums and teams, read Choosing a Game.

2023 Season Schedule (Updated February 2nd)

The current state of the calendar is:

  ✔ Pre-season games and starting times
  ✔ Regular season games
  ✔ Regular season Central League starting times
  ✔ Regular season Pacific League starting times
   2023 ticket prices (those that are clickable have been announced - awaiting those in yellow)

It looks like the Fighters will open the season on March 30th against the Eagles at their new Es Con Field Hokkaido.

If you would like to be notified of when the game starting times come out or when I start taking orders (after teams announce their pricing for 2023), please write me at and I'll put you on my e-mail list to be the first to know.

No Restrictions on Bags

A question I've been getting a lot lately is, "Can I bring my bag/backpack to the game?" YES! Bags and backpacks are allowed to all events in Japan. You may want to limit the size to something that will fit under the seat. The general rule is that, so long as it doesn't get in anyone's way, no problem.

On a related question, yes, DSLR camera and large lenses are also allowed.

Travel Bulletin for Hiroshima in May of 2023

The Hiroshima Carp will not have any games in Hiroshima from May 8th to 22nd as the world G7 Summit will be held in the city during that time. It is advised that visitors also avoid the city during that time frame.

I've gotten a number of notices from people telling me that the below schedule is wrong after looking at the Giants' Schedule. The issue is that the Giants' schedule site is converting all of the game times to the browser's time zone. And I'm guessing that the makers of the site don't know this is going on. It is causing quite a bit of confusion.

All dates and times on this site are local Japan Standard Time.

Japan Baseball Schedule
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We're working on getting all the prices up. Preseason prices are ready for several team with more on the way. We should have them all within the next couple of weeks.

All prices in US Dollars.

Games on schedule are listed by home team.
* denotes game at stadium other than primary home.
+ denotes game at alternative home (for some teams only).
Red denotes tickets not available.
Red struck out denotes tickets sold out.
Yellow text denotes ticket prices to be announced. Will become available in future.
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Central Tokyo Yomiuri GIANTS G Tokyo Dome
Central Tokyo Yakult SWALLOWS S Jingu Stadium
West of Tokyo Seibu LIONS L Seibu Dome (Belluna Dome) / + Tokyo Dome
East of Tokyo Chiba Lotte MARINES M Zozo Marine Stadium / + Tokyo Dome
South of Tokyo Yokohama BAYSTARS BS Yokohama Municipal
Osaka Orix BUFFALOES B Kyocera Dome Osaka / + Hotto Motto Kobe
Osaka Hanshin TIGERS T Koshien Stadium / + Kyocera Dome Osaka
Nagoya Chunichi DRAGONS D Nagoya Dome (Vantelin Dome)
Hiroshima Hiroshima CARP C Mazda Stadium
Fukuoka SoftBank HAWKS H PayPay Dome
Sapporo Nippon Ham FIGHTERS F Es Con Field Hokkaido / + Sappro Dome
Sendai Rakuten Golden EAGLES E Rakuten Life Park
Okinawa Prefecture Other Stadiums   Chatan, Naha, Nago, or Urasoe