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May Update (Updated May 6th)

It's been a couple of months now since my last update. That's mainly because there has been total "radio silence" with regards to Japan possibly opening up to the rest of the world any time soon.

Well, Prime Minister Kishi has finally said something positive in that regard. Speaking at a a financial summit in London yesterday (May 5th), Kishida-PM had this to say:

At the end of last year, Japan strengthened its border control measures in response to the global spread of the Omicron variant. It was an essential public-health step to delay the variant's entry into the country. This allowed us to fortify our healthcare system and promote vaccinations. I hope it is not too boastful to say that Japan's response to COVID-19 has been one of the most successful in the world.

We have now eased border control measures significantly, with the next easing taking place in June, when Japan will introduce a smoother entry process similar to that of other G7 members.

This was the only part that had to do with the possibility of opening Japan in the speech mainly geared toward encouraging investment in Japan. If you have further interests in that, you can read the entire transcription from his speech here [].

Details of this "smoother entry process" still need to be announced. Namely, does it include entries for tourism?

Ticket purchasing this year (for those already living here in Japan) has been good. While weekend/holiday dates are still challenging at many venues (especially Hiroshima), weekdays have been no problem, including if you want to skip our service and pick up a ticket at the stadium on game day. This past week (Golden Week) was the first time that a Tigers' game at Koshien was declared a sell out.

Going a little more "inside baseball" with the ticket purchasing trends I'm seeing this year, the Swallows tend to sell out of aisle seats in the SS (infield) section quickly, making those hard to get. The Hawks are combating that issue with "dynamic pricing" where aisle seats cost about US$10 more than seats one in from the aisle. This makes coming up with pricing quotes and special requests (like for an aisle seat) much more difficult than in the past. As always, though, I'll do my best.

Finally, there have been some questions about the "No entry for those in the country for 14 days or less" rule for attending games. This rule has been removed for most teams, but a couple of teams still have this posted when purchasing tickets. Will this change when Japan does re-open to tourism? I'll be monitoring this closely and let you know if any ticket requests may run against this rule.

That's it for now.

October Games

I've gotten a number of questions lately about games in October. The games listed are the playoffs and Nippon Series. I've tried to get post-season tickets numerous times in the past with very little success.

There usually are makeup games being played the first week of October. Depending on the team and their standings toward the end of the season, securing tickets to those games may or may not be a challenge. Let me know by the beginning of September if those hold your interest.

Rules for Attending Games

Common restrictions include:

  1. You will not be permitted entry if you have a fever, cough, fatigue, sore throat, or other symptoms
  2. No entry for those in the country for 14 days or less
  3. Temperature checks and wearing of masks will be required for all people entering
  4. Cheering style will undergo many changes (no balloon shoot, trumpets, whistles, high fives, etc.)
  5. Tight control over food and beverages sold within the stadium - some stadiums will NOT be serving alcohol at all
  6. Smoking areas may be closed
  7. Exchanges with fans for signatures, high fives, etc. will be suspended
  8. Retain your ticket stub for 14 days after attending a game to assist with contact tracing

Again, if you feel that such restrictions are too much, please do not request tickets. I expect that the restrictions in fan cheering are going to be the biggest difference, kind of detracting from the usual Japan Baseball Experience.

When you go into many of the stadiums, they will have you fill out a paper for contact tracing. In the event that someone in a seat near you is diagnosed with COVID-19, contact tracers will want to be able to contact you. If you get your tickets through me and don't have a domestic phone number, please feel free to use my phone number (included with the tickets). I can then pass on any contact information in English to you if necessary for the two weeks after attending. I'll have a record of your seat number, so can communicate that much with the contact tracers.

If you are in Japan and none of the above turns you off, please contact me and I'll supply you with costs and seating available. I will only charge you if I am able to get tickets.

Finally, the ball clubs are promoting the COVID-19 Contact App (COCOA) which uses the Apple/Google privacy emphasized framework and was created by the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare. Tech and privacy leaders all agree that best privacy practices are followed in the framework's design, so please put aside any biases you may have for the tech companies. The framework was also designed to work in the background using very little power. Your mileage may vary depending on how old your phone is. But this app, used in conjunction with testing and contact tracing, is one of the best ways to help contain this virus. Please do consider installing it, especially if you will be attending events like a baseball game.

The COCOA app is available at:

   Apple App Store:
   Google Play Store:

It's going to be a completely different experience this season for those of you who are able to go.

That's it for this update. Until more information is released, take care.

No Restrictions on Bags

A question I've been getting a lot lately is, "Can I bring my bag/backpack to the game?" YES! Bags and backpacks are allowed to all events in Japan. You may want to limit the size to something that will fit under the seat. The general rule is that, so long as it doesn't get in anyone's way, no problem.

On a related question, yes, DSLR camera and large lenses are also allowed.

Japan Baseball Schedule
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Game times in the Tokyo area may start 15 to 30 minutes earlier than originally scheduled.

Games between July 27th and August 10th are exhibition/practice games during the Olympic break.  

Games on schedule are listed by home team.
* denotes game at stadium other than primary home.
** denotes tentative playoff game. Venue may change depending on the season outcome.
Red denotes tickets sold out or otherwise not available.
Yellow text denotes ticket prices to be announced. Will become available in future.
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Central Tokyo Yomiuri GIANTS G Tokyo Dome
Central Tokyo Yakult SWALLOWS S Jingu Stadium
West Tokyo Seibu LIONS L Seibu Dome
East Tokyo Chiba Lotte MARINES M QVC Stadium
South Tokyo Yokohama BAYSTARS BS Yokohama Municipal
Osaka Orix BUFFALOES B Osaka Dome
Osaka Hanshin TIGERS T Koshien Stadium
Nagoya Chunichi DRAGONS D Nagoya Dome
Fukuoka SoftBank HAWKS H Yahoo Dome
Hiroshima Hiroshima CARP C Mazda Stadium
Sapporo Nippon Ham FIGHTERS F Sapporo Dome
Sendai Rakuten Golden EAGLES E Miyagi Stadium