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2. Scroll through this entire page below schedule to fully see its contents. Click (or tap) on the home team of the date you want to start the ordering process.

The Tokyo area has five teams highlighted in blue below. The Kyoto area has three teams highlighted in tan. For tips on stadiums and teams, read Choosing a Game.

October Games and Tickets

The post-season runs from October 5th to 27th. You will notice that I don't have any games listed in October.

I had over 50 requests for post-season tickets last year. I was only able to fill three of them. I promised my wife that I would not go through that again unless a great deal has changed. What has changed is that I expect it to be even more difficult to get post-season tickets this year.

I'm sorry, but it's better to disappoint you up front than three days before the game you planned your whole trip around.

WBSC Premier 12 Super Round

November 11th to 17th will be the WBSC Premier 12 Super Round, split between Chiba's Zozo Marine Field and Tokyo Dome. If you want to see a specific country play (other than Samurai Japan), it's going to be difficult to determine which game you'll want to attend. Everything depends on how Group A in Mexico, Group B in Taiwan, and Group C in Korea conclude. First and second place countries move on to the Super Round in Japan.

Complicating matters more, depending on if Japan moves on as B1 or B2 will determine which teams face each other and where. You can get the official schedule in PDF format from here.

Ticket for the two games on the 17th (for 3rd place and the overall Champion) cover both games. You may watch one or both games with a single ticket.

No Restrictions on Bags

A questions I've been getting a lot lately is, "Can I bring my bag/backpack to the game?" YES! Bags and backpacks are allowed to all events in Japan. You may want to limit the size to something that will fit under the seat. The general rule is that, so long as it doesn't get in anyone's way, no problem.

On a related question, yes, DSLR camera and large lenses are also allowed.

2019 Japan Baseball Schedule
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All prices in US Dollars.

Games on schedule are listed by home team.
* denotes game at stadium other than primary home.
** denotes tentative playoff game. Venue may change depending on the season outcome.
Red denotes tickets sold out or otherwise not available.
Click on team for prices/venue details and to order.

Central Tokyo Yomiuri GIANTS G Tokyo Dome
Central Tokyo Yakult SWALLOWS S Jingu Stadium
West Tokyo Seibu LIONS L Seibu Dome
East Tokyo Chiba Lotte MARINES M QVC Stadium
South Tokyo Yokohama BAYSTARS BS Yokohama Municipal
Osaka Orix BUFFALOES B Osaka Dome
Osaka Hanshin TIGERS T Koshien Stadium
Nagoya Chunichi DRAGONS D Nagoya Dome
Fukuoka SoftBank HAWKS H Yahoo Dome
Hiroshima Hiroshima CARP C Mazda Stadium
Sapporo Nippon Ham FIGHTERS F Sapporo Dome
Sendai Rakuten Golden EAGLES E Miyagi Stadium