Osaka Sumo Tickets

Completely SOLD OUT

Tournaments run from about 9:00am to about 6:00pm. You can come and go all day.

You never pay more than what the ticket costs.

Even though it is possible to order tickets below, there are none left. This tournament is completely SOLD OUT.

We stand in your place in the ticket line. You pay here what you yourself would pay using a credit card at the ticket window. We charge you only enough per ticket to take into account the currency exchange rate, credit card use, and ticketing fees, if any, that a particular arena may charge.

Sumo is a venue with limited seating and huge popularity. Ordering two months in advance is highlight recommended. But this venue is SOLD OUT.

We buy tickets for you under the usual conditions you would expect: Once purchased they allow no refunds or exchanges.

All prices in U.S. dollars.

Completely SOLD OUT

sumo_best.jpg Osaka Sumo (Arena A) $78.21

Sumo Tournament - (Choose Date after ADD TO CART)

sumo_better.jpg Osaka Sumo (Arena B) $64.14

Sumo Tournament - (Choose Date after ADD TO CART)

sumo_good.jpg Osaka Sumo (Arena C) $44.65

Sumo Tournament - (Choose Date after ADD TO CART)

dollar_sign.jpeg Group / Multi-game Fee $50.00

Groups over Ten / Games over Four