Deliveries to Airbnb and other short-term rentals are not guaranteed.

Your tickets run the risk of being undeliverable since your name on the envelope is different from that of the registered owner of the unit at which you're staying.

Here are some work-arounds that have been 100% successful:

Postal Pick-up

Sending tickets to be held in your name at a nearby post office so that they can be picked up at your leisure from a safe location has made AirBnB deliveries workable. (Please forget everything you know about the postal services in your country. The Japan Post is amazingly reliable and efficient.)

There are two types of post offices: (1) major distribution centers and (2) local offices. The major distribution centers are open 7 days a week without holiday, many 24 hours, but some with just extended hours beyond the usual 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM of the local offices. The local office are only open on non-holiday weekdays.

The advantage of using a major post office is that, if you arrive on a Friday for a Sunday game, you will be able to get to the post office at some time, even the evening of your arrival, no matter how late you arrive. Also, some of you are visiting Japan on business and have places to be during normal working hours and cannot get to a local post office while it is open. The only down side is that one may be located 25 to 30 minutes away by foot or a stop or two on a train.

The smaller post offices are usually within a 5 minute walk from wherever you are staying, especially in Tokyo, Osaka, etc. If you have a couple full weekdays between your arrival and first event, and free time during the day, then the closer post office is a better option.

How does it work?

I need to know WHERE you will be. That can be an address or the nearest train station.

I need to know you COMPLETE NAME, written EXACTLY as it is on your passport. This is how the post office verifies that it goes to the right person.

I need to know WHEN you will arrive. The date (not the time) will do.

From the above three items, I will located an appropriate post office. Please don't feel that you have to find one yourself, I'm a professional. In some cases, I will give you a choice of two, one of each type if it looks like a local post office will work.

I will send walking (or commute) instructions from the WHERE you provided to the appropriate post office. If you have data on your phone, Google Maps will guide you there. Otherwise, it's a good idea to look through the route with Street View and/or print the route out before departure.

I will then prepare an image file that I will send to you that essentially looks like the envelope we send. You can print this out before you leave or load it on a device to show at the post office along with your passport. This eliminates any potential for miscommunication. It is tried and true.

If you are still nervous, I also include my phone number for you to call if anything doesn't seem to be working right. The only call I've gotten was from somebody who went to the wrong post office.

Let us know if you're at a hotel earlier in your travels

If you're staying at a hotel any time before you arrive to your Airbnb, have us deliver the tickets to that hotel. Some people interpret where we say that we will ship your tickets to where you're staying two days before the event as some sort of fixed time period. We would much prefer to send the tickets to the FIRST place you stay at than wait until two days before your event. The earlier we get tickets to you, the better you'll feel.

But, please, DO NOT reserve a hotel the day before (or day of) your event for the sole purpose of getting tickets delivered there. That is far less reliable than the postal option.

We previously recommended that you have your AirBnB host receive the tickets and sign for them. There have been too many who have agreed to do so, but didn't know what they were agreeing to. That has turned into more frustration and general bad experience that you or I want to deal with. Don't try to bring an AirBnB host into the scene. It doesn't work out way too often.

Nonetheless, if you're doing such a rental, don't order unless you think one of these workarounds will work for you. Once we purchase tickets on your behalf they're non-refundable.