We are happy to assist with tickets to other sporting events, special events, concerts, and the like.

To do so, please email me at:  Michael@JapanBall.com.

Include as much info as possible about the event with any website links (even if in Japanese), when you want to go, your price range, and any other details to help me identify what you are after.

I will let you know what I discover and how we may be able to help.

About Sumo Tickets

Sumo has recently become an extremely tough ticket. Increasing popularity, small venues, and ticket resellers have all made obtaining tickets at face value, as we do for baseball, impossible for all practical purposes. Thus we have curtailed our sumo service.

One method for getting Sumo tickets is same-day general admission. You must line up early (7:00 on a weekday already had around 200 in line), and all members of your party who want to attend must be present. Numbered vouchers are distributed in order to those in line. The voucher is then turned in at the box office which opens at around 7:45. Doors to the arena open at 8:00, at which time many people go in and reserve seats (setting a sweater or bag on it) then leave to return later. You may leave and re-enter one time during the day. Most people return for the "main event" starting around 3:00 when the highest ranked Sumo have their entrance ceremony.

The Secondary Market

If an event is sold out, we can pursue the secondary market on your behalf.  The secondary market is a fancy word for ticket resellers/scalpers. Such tickets always come with a higher price than the ticket's face value, of course. And refunds may not be possible if for an outdoor event that is rained out. So beware of that risk.