Deliveries to Airbnb / short-term rentals

Tickets run the high risk of being undeliverable to such locations since your name on the ticket delivery envelope is, of course, different from that of the owner of the unit at which you are staying.

And while management companies and hosts may agree to accept the tickets, we have found that their follow through is not to be counted upon.

Postal Pick-up

The Japan Postal Service is amazingly reliable and efficient, with offices every few blocks.

If you are staying at an Airbnb or similar your tickets will be held in your name at a nearby post office.

I will give you directions on how to quickly get to that office to retrieve your envelope without the need to read or speak Japanese. 


During our ticket payment checkout, where it asks for hotel info, simply give the items below - and if you don't have some of this now, no worries, we'll remind you:

- WHERE you will be. That can be an address, the nearest train station, or other landmarks.

- Your name EXACTLY as it is on your passport. 

- The DATE you check-in at your location.

I then locate the appropriate post office and email you walking instructions, in addition to an image of your ticket envelope. Print out or put that info on your phone, then show it and your passport at the post office for your envelope.  Simple as that.

I include my phone number should you need it. I have never gotten a call. We guarantee delivery.

are you at another Location earlier?

We deliver anywhere in Japan. If you are staying at a hotel or other Airbnb before you arrive in the city of your event(s), you can have us deliver there.

Again, we highly discourage trying to have your Airbnb host receive and sign for your tickets. The post office specializes in delivering envelopes, and they're excellent at it in Japan. Really.