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To order you must know WHEN and WHERE the home team plays:

Based on our experience, we've settled on three classes for each stadium: GOOD, BETTER and BEST.

The BEST seat is generally in the lower section near first or third base down the line from home plate adjacent to the area populated by season ticket holders.

The BETTER seat is the sweet-spot in terms of value. This seat is generally down the line from first or third base and in the lower sections.

The GOOD seat is a decent seat in the ballpark. It's a reserved chair seat further down the lines closer to the foul poles and/or higher up in the stadium. Never in the outfield, except at the Carp and Tigers, where it is outfield reserved on a bench.

Whichever you choose, your seats will be together and as close to home plate and an aisle as we can get within your price range at the time you order.

We require at least four days lead time to complete your order and have your tickets delivered.

All prices in U.S. dollars. Start by choosing the home team and ticket price below.

book_2016.jpg Baseball Guidebook $16.95


Delivered with Ticket Order

2016 Edition - Japan Pro Baseball Fan Handbook and Media Guide
by Wayne Graczyk

The complete, updated, and only guide to Japanese pro baseball in English.

This comprehensive reference, now in its 40

  • League Directories
  • Team Directories
  • Minor League Information
  • Schedules
  • Full Rosters
  • Player Photos
  • Detailed Stadium Information
  • In-depth Statistics
  • Foreign Player Profiles
  • and much more.

Endorsed by the Commissioner's Office, the Central and Pacific Leagues, and the Japan Pro Baseball Players Union.

Paperback: 128 pages


dollar_sign.jpeg Group / Multi-game Fee $50.00

Groups over Ten / Games over Four