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I break your choices into two catagories. Teams that play outside in stadiums built particularly for baseball vs. teams that play inside in multi-purpose domed stadiums.

The teams you choose to see are not important. All games will be fun. The teams themselves don’t matter, unless you're a hard-core fan of a particular team.

It’s the ballpark you want to choose carefully.


There are five teams in the Tokyo area. You‘ll see all teams and their respective stadiums listed at the top of each month's schedule page. In the individual game boxes on each schedule page we've made it easy to locate all Tokyo games - they're in light blue boxes.

The team listed first in each schedule box is the home team.  You order tickets by home team.

The two most convenient teams to see are in central Tokyo - the Giants and Swallows. The Giants play in the multi-purpose Tokyo Dome. The Swallows play in the outdoor Jingu Stadium.

If you have a choice between the two, I'd take the Swallows at Jingu Stadium. This gives you a baseball game in a baseball stadium…one in which Babe Ruth and other All-Stars visited years ago and which has been continually renovated.

The only exception to this is for day games during the hot mid-summer months of July and August. During that time I’d avoid any outdoor game played during the heat of the day.

If the Swallows or Giants aren't available, there are three other teams in the Tokyo area. The BayStars in nearby Yokohama, the Lions in western Tokyo, and the Marines in eastern Tokyo. All take 40 minutes or so by train from central Tokyo.

Of those three teams, the BayStars is my first pick. It’s a better ballpark. Easiest train ride. The train leaves you a couple blocks from the ballpark. Lots to see around the area.

I’d go to the Lions or Marines only if you have no choice of the Swallows, Giants, or Bay Stars. The Lions play in an outdoor ballpark with an umbrella over it. The Marines play in an outdoor ballpark.


Two teams reside in the Osaka area - the Buffaloes play inside at the Osaka Dome and the Tigers outside at Koshien Stadium.

The easiest to access is the Osaka Dome. Close to all Osaka points. Koshien Stadium is more difficult to access since it's a bit out of town.

In the schedule boxes we've made it easy to see all Osaka area games - they're in tan colored boxes.


Fukuoka has the Hawks who play in the Fukuoka Dome.

Hiroshima has the Carp who play in the newest ballpark in Japan, Hiroshima Stadium, close to the main train station.

Nagoya has the Dragons who call the Nagoya Dome home.

Sapporo has the Fighters who play in the Sapporo Dome.

Sendai has the Eagles who play in my favorite Japanese ballpark, Sendai Miyagi Stadium…or whatever name they’re calling it this year. If you go, spend some time before the game walking around the perimeter of the stadium. They have taken to a fine art using all their real estate for fun, both inside and outside the ballpark.


Baseball Parks

Chiba Marine Stadium – Marines (Eastern Tokyo)
Hiroshima Stadium – Carp (Hiroshima)
Jingu Stadium – Swallows (Central Tokyo)
Koshien Stadium –Tigers (Osaka)
Sendai Stadium – Eagles (Sendai)
Yokohama Stadium – BayStars (Yokohama)

Domed Stadiums

Fukuoka Dome – Hawks (Fukuoka)
Nagoya Dome – Dragons (Nagoya)
Osaka Dome – Buffaloes (Osaka)
Sapporo Dome – Fighters (Sapporo)
Seibu Dome* – Lions (Western Tokyo) *The Seibu Dome is an outdoor ballpark over which they've placed an umbrella.
Tokyo Dome – Giants (Tokyo)